Beijing Opera

Beijing opera consists of singing, recital, gestures and fighting actions. The song-and-dance routine, the dazzling costumes, the stylized performance and colorful facial make-up were a huge draw.


Stylized action

Beijing opera recreates settings and props through the use of mimed gestures and actions. The stage has no real door, carriage, boat,  mountain or horse; hence the actors will mime the action of opening the door, entering through the door, getting on a carriage, rowing a boat, climbing up a mountain and riding a horse.

脸(lián) 谱(pǔ) (various kinds of facial designs)

The meaning behind the colours used in facial make-up:

Red--loyalty and courage

Yellow--cruelty and savagery Golden yellow--gods and demons


Blue--carelessness and impetuousness



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Student Comments


I would like to say that If you would like to study Mandarin language. There is no better place than King Mandarin. King Mandarin is still the NO.1 language center in guangzhou.The teachers are great with rich experience. They are knowledgeable and patient, and they are very very standard in their speaking and teaching in madarin language. That’s so important.They solve any problems you may have. And the learning experience is so much fun. There are also a lot of activities for Chinese Culture. It’s a good resource for getting new business because the students come from all over the world and from all walks of life.


——Rebacca from Canada

May. 23. 2017

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